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I believe that good Sci-Fi, first and foremost, requires an exciting and forward-looking story about people. Great Sci-Fi is achieved when the tale seems to border on magic but there is enough science in it to make one wonder, if not firmly believe that it is possible.

I’ve been reading science fiction since before I started school and the genre inspired me to pursue a career as engineer and scientist. Fiction carried me through school as an escape from more demanding studies that brought me advanced degrees in Engineering Physics, Metallurgy, and Materials Science.

Since then, I’ve published formally as well as in popular trade magazines for companies around the world. My first ‘science fiction’ publications took the form of research grant proposals, marketing plans, and business plans … all avenues of thought that required extrapolation of scientific concepts into a believable and, if they were to be successful, entertaining adventure.

After working in my own company and with people around the world in research and business for more than fifty years, I retired. Well, sort of because one day my wife remarked that I always was reading Sci-Fi, why didn’t I become an author?

This world is a fascinating place and, being lucky enough to have a career that allowed me to work and befriend people from around the world, I've enjoyed this planet in a much deeper way than a vacationer or passing traveler. Even more wonderful is the realization that every trail followed, every friend I met and every place visited held wonderful and, many times, barely believable stories. Strange tales that are fodder for what I hope will be great novels.

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