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Forge of a Species

-- Book II of the 'Crucible Series' --

The Endeavor Expedition; A Colony and a Starport among the dinosaurs . . .

Year 2056AD: Mark Nolen, son of the famous Dr. Phillip Nolen has made billions by founding a company to mine the waters of Jupiter’s moon Europa. Secretly, Mark’s people continue their forbidden research into both interstellar and time travel but the International Space Agency has become suspicious.

Nolen decides to move their research and begin the construction of an Interstellar Port back on Earth, but not the Earth they know. They set off to travel far back in time but an incident forces them to emerge from the timeslip at the worst possible point -- the final days of the Cretaceous Era – danger close to a point when all of the dinosaurs died in a terrible catastrophe.

Even so, there is hope. This undertaking will be different from the military venture of his father’s Argos Expedition. After all, these are scientists, engineers, skilled workers, families –322 men, women and children.

They setup operations on a peninsula jutting out into the ocean in what some day will be West Texas. This time, they are prepared and the climate is friendlier. They know what to expect and how to handle a world of fierce theropod dinosaurs. After all, how much different from his father’s experience could the world in this latter timeframe be?

The colonists quickly discover life is even more abundant, beautiful, larger, and savage than expected. It is also the time of the ultimate predator – Tyrannosaurs Rex, and like everything else this beast is much more than they anticipated.

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Going to colonize the the galaxy September 23, 2019
Volume 1 and Volume 2 where awesome. The stories were so incredible just enough to make them believable in the realm of science fiction. The Idea of Human descendants from almost 100 million years brings enough possibilities to make a 100 different movies. Or a 50 book series.
2.  TZ has written a novel that questions the carbon dates of many discoveries. It is to be determined whether or not humans existed before the dinosaurs. The items found indicated that humans head been around a long time. The Human Artifacts Discovered Were Carbon Dated Fifty Million Years Ago. There were to many doors that were closed that had be reopened. This is an excellent for the genre.....ER
3.  Jenny Chisum November 15, 2014
Loved the setting of this book, it was very entertaining!
4.  Paul F. Sonnier July 26, 2014>
I loved the research that you put into the background story! The links were interesting too.
5.  Michael R. Reagan June 12, 2014
The Future is in the Past!

Cleverly written e-book about the human race's quest to discover travel at light speed by going back; way back, in time to the Cretaceous era via the big red spot in Jupiter. This book is not as complex as it may seem but actually tosses out some very interesting hypothesis on many a scientific subject. Seriously, just how many of us can even get a grip on how much the world can and has changed in 300 millon years?

I cannot really get a grip on life 1,000 years ago much less multimillions of them. But, with that said, the desciption and references provided of the dinosaurs is amazing and thought provoking indeed! Book also provides some high power adventures and conflicts with the intelligent beasties of the eon. But the really mind bending concept comes at the end of the book when one of the scientist realizes the position of our solar system in Cretaceous time in relation to where we are located currently (2014) in our galaxy. I know this very well from an experience at the McDonald Observatory in Ft. Davis, Texas where one of the supervising Astronomers gave a detailed history of the position of the North Star 10,000 years ago and 25,000 years ago. Polaris has changed it's position in the heavens quiet a bit over that period of time.

So, buckle your seat beat for near light speed travel, strap on your body armor for battles with large reptiles, and keep an open mind when you read this wonderful bigger than life safari sci-fi adventure story.

By the way, ever wonder what the scientific community does discover when they dig up one of those prehistoric sites? Read and find out.

Excellent February 11, 2018
Great addition to the series. Can't wait for the third installment!! When is it coming out? Buy it. You'll love it!
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Great series, I hope to read more soon. However.... February 26, 2017
Too many errors. Have someone proof it. I look forward to the next book in the series. Lots of possibilities.

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