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Hunter's Moon

-- Book II of 'Cretaceous Station' --

"Sure T-Rex is big, mean, unbelievably fast and they hunt in packs. Yeah, True ... but they aren't the ones that scare me!"

Cretaceous Station Book II

It was a study of the unknown.

Mankind's first steps to the stars oddly enough began with a trip to the past. A very distant past.

They began a colony; a research colony to study the universe from a different perspective. Of course, getting there was half the battle. But they did it!

They discovered time travel of a very limited sort. The problem was you could only travel to very specific periods that centered on the system's greatest disasters. You know, the major extinction events.

They setup the research facility and ... what? Oh yeah, the dinosaurs. Well, the dinosaurs weren't a big problem if they took the proper precautions. Scientific breakthroughs followed one after the other. The goals of the expedition seemed in easy reach.

Then the others showed up. They weren't big like T-Rex. Oh yeah, they shared every other characteristic of that marvelous monster but they were different in so many freightening ways. Worst of all they were smart. Oh yeah, they were very, very smart and they liked the pain.

A new approach to adventure & horror based on science fact!

We've heard about them all our lives but we really didn't know them.

Plans are underway for the expansion of the Cretaceous Research Station from a five-year project to a permanent settlement with a StarPort and a unique resort. Their biggest problem is funding and they, of course, need approval of the board.

Then they encounter new representatives of a race that is a hundred times older than that of the humans. Their desires and drives are different and their goals are unobvious but one thing is obvious. They are very, very intelligent ... in an alien, very deadly way.

If they wish to survive, the Cretaceous Station explorers must pit their technology and intelligence against the increasingly savage attacks of these aliens.

Then again, just who are the aliens?

The humans who have come to transform the land or these dinosaurs who suddenly find the new visitors very interesting?

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Pretty Good August 30, 2015
Enjoyable, informative, especially the notes at the end of each chapter, my one complaint would be that at times it was terribly slow.
OK May 1, 2013
I like this kind of story but thought this one was a little slow for me but for free or .99 it is a steal if you like this genre.
A Top-notch Read March 12, 2013
IF you enjoy a gripping, imaginative story you cannot go wrong with Mr. Zavecz' Cretaceous Station stories. I hope to see more in this series as well as further work from this writer in general. The last time I was this enthralled with a science fiction book was while reading the Heuorot books from Niven, Pournelle and Barnes. Bring on more!
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Good January 5, 2013
I cannot wait for the next chapter of this fantastic saga. The storyline left me wanting more of this universe.
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Entertaining read November 4, 2012
I enjoyed these 2 books: both the premise of how would humans survive and cope in a land of dinosaurs and the fast pace of the action. It was clear that the author did thorough research into the latest thoughts on what the dinosaurs were likely to be and the wealth of life after 100 million years of evolution in a warm environment.

As an engineer, I also appreciated the references and the science he added (independently...Read More
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a good yarn June 30, 2012
This is the second book in the series and picks up where the first one left off.

I appreciated that the author put some effort into the internal logic of the plot. That is there are no magical gardens and no magical doors that open mysteriously (well, there is one...)

The most distinctive characteristic of the book (series) is there are chapter notes. These are left as exercises for the interested student....Read More

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