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Screams of the Hypes

-- Novelette --
Introduction to the 'Crucible Series'


Originally published in "The Witness Paradox: A Time Traveler Anthology",
Editor: Martin Wilsey -- expanded with an excerpt from the novel NullBots
Later republished as a stand-alone novelette by T. Zavecz

Time travel? Well this certainly is an interesting topic. Strange you should ask me, of all people.
Everyone is a time traveler, you know. Some of us seem to move along with time slower than others but it … ah, passing time that is, is something we all do. Yet, for some of us, the concept is an avocation and many have lost their lives to maintain time’s proper path, one that will continue to create and maintain the world you live in.

You still have no idea where I’m going with this, do you? Okay, this won’t take long.

This is a story that began a long time ago, continues today and is a tale in which my Grandmother will play a major roll. This is not a story of time travel although the concept is crucial to it. It begins with a tragedy that is about to happen and must occur although most people will never hear of it. The existence of our species depends upon interstellar travel, alternate dimensions, and string theory so much so that eons ago we took on a continuing responsibility for the fate of our race as well as a species clade we call ‘Dinosauria’.

Perhaps I am getting a bit ahead of myself. Please take a seat and we’ll continue this discussion in comfort. It all starts when the ISA Warship Mercon, traveling along the Jovian Equatorial Belt in the year 2061, encountered …

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5.0 out of 5 stars - Fascinating

This book contains a mixed bag of time travel stories. Most are quite entertaining and well written, while a couple were lackluster with a variety of mistakes. In my opinion, the best of these was The Screams of the Hypes by Terrence Zavecz, followed by The Yahweh Project, by TR Dillon. The book is well worth reading.
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